A Minimalism Blog at Christmas?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking who on earth starts a minimalism blog right before Christmas?  You’re wondering what kind of message I am trying to send.  You’re possibly trying to determine if I’m going to attempt to make everyone feel guilty for buying presents and more.

Well, I guess the person who starts a blog this time of year is me.  It’s a gift to myself.  There is no hidden agenda.  It’s just a place for me to write about my journey.  And I don’t intend to make anyone ever feel guilty about any choices they make in life.  But I will say that Christmas means so much more than gifts.  Christmas is about love.  So take some time to love yourself a little.  Starting this blog is me showing myself some love.

My journey into minimalist started in 2016 when I read a book by Ruth Soukup called Unstuffed: Decluttering Your Home, Mind, and Soul.  Up until I read that book, I never really realized the hold that all my things had on me.  I felt stressed.  I felt overwhelmed.  But I didn’t know why.  I didn’t realize that clearing out the things of life could be just what I needed to feel a little more free.

After I read the book, I began taking charge of my house.  I spoke with my husband and got him to agree to go through things with me.  I was honest with myself about what I actually wanted and I started getting rid of the excess.  It wasn’t like I threw everything away overnight.  This was just a beginning.  We just called it decluttering and took it one step at a time.  But over a few weeks, a lot started to empty out of our house.

My husband and I spoke with some family friends about what we were doing and they suggested we watch a documentary they had just seen on Netflix.  It was Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.  So we took a night and sat down to watch it.  I don’t often say things are life changing, but this was a life changing moment.  It was upon watching that documentary that it became crystal clear to me that I could change my life, my world, for the better.


That was my minimalism birth.


And that was also the time when we started packing up our house to move to a new state.  Getting my husband onboard to continue with the decluttering was easy right then.  Moving was naturally a great time to declutter.

But once the move was over, there was still a lot of unused excess filling the spaces.  Physical excess, emotional excess, technological excess… While I felt the need to continue with this lifestyle, my husband did not.  The way we experience the world is very different, and the way we viewed minimalism was different as well.  I was viewing it as a complete lifestyle shift, and he was viewing it as a tool for the moment.


And that’s what leads me to this blog… I’m a minimalist and he is not.


Minimalism is different for everyone.  For some people, it is a forever thing while for others it is just a season of life.  And when you have two people with two different ideas living under one roof, well, it just makes things interesting.

I hope you’ll stick around to read about my minimalism journey.  I hope that I can inspire and encourage you as I navigate this life with my non-minimalist husband.  And if not, then I hope that I can at least give you something to think about.  Thanks for reading and…

Welcome to Minimalism My Way.

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