Closet Chaos

Shortly after we emptied the bookshelves, the next step we took was to go through our clothes.  Our closets were full of unused and unwanted items of clothing.  But it wasn’t easy.  And, truthfully, it still isn’t easy.

Clothing is a struggle for me.  I don’t even have a lot of it, and it is still an area where I lack control.  I feel all the time like my closet is in chaos, yet I find it so difficult to pare down.  This is why I say minimalism is a journey and it is different for everyone.  There will be struggles, there will be successes, and there will places where one person does something completely different from another person.

The initial clothing purge resulted in multiple large bags going to donation centers.  I pulled more belts out of my closet than I can count – and I don’t even wear belts!

My husband pulled out things like dress pants (fancy stuff) and shoes to match.  He hadn’t worn them in years.

We both pulled out jackets and sweaters that had collected visible amounts of dust.  There were shorts that we never wore.  Shirts that we laughed at because we couldn’t even figure out why why owned them.  And socks… so many socks!

And even though we filled up a lot of donation bags, there was still a lot left over.


And that is where my internal struggle comes in.


I don’t wear a lot of different clothing.  In fact, I wear just about the same thing every day.  I have a couple of pairs of pants that I rotate through and a few shirts that I like.  I do laundry daily so these items are always clean.  If I look at what is in the closet compared to what I actually wear… well… I should get rid of a lot more.


But what if (and that is the struggle)…

What if I finally lose those pounds I’ve been working on losing?

What if I miss that shirt?

What if I miss those capris?

What if I suddenly decide to wear that dress?


What if?


My problem is not in buying new things.  My problem is in not letting go of the old.  The constant what if questions in my mind have me wondering if I will have enough clothing should certain occasions arise.  But those occasions haven’t happened in the past two years… So why do I cling to those things?  I ask myself “why?” all the time.


After we initially purged the closets, my husband and I decided to relocate.  Our decluttering efforts went into overdrive for the move (I’ll be posting about that later), yet I ended up paying to have clothes that I still don’t wear moved.  That’s craziness, if you ask me.  I literally paid to have people move boxes of clothing that I never wear… let that sink in.

I’ve finally decided enough is enough.  I’m going into the closet, I’m removing the unworn and unwanted, and I’m finally ridding myself of this chaos.  I’m ready.

2 thoughts on “Closet Chaos

  1. I struggle with clothing. Mostly because I still haven’t settled into things that I absolutely love. Shoes, I love, but I know what I will and will not realistically wear at this phase in my life so I resist the pull of gorgeous heels that I will never wear. 🙂

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