Closet Chaos, Part Two

Yesterday, I told you I was ready.  I said that enough was enough.

I said that I was going into the closet and I was removing the unworn and unwanted.  I said that I was getting rid of the chaos.


And I did!


I feel so much better.  So, so very much better.


I made up my mind and I made it happen.


It wasn’t easy.  I still found myself questioning what I was doing and wondering if I needed to hang on to certain things.  But in the end, I just let go.  And I feel lighter.  I feel more peaceful.  I feel more free.

It is absolutely amazing how much the stuff of life has a hold on us.

It is amazing how much the things we collect can affect our emotions and attitudes.

It is amazing how just taking the time to clean out a closet makes me feel more like myself – meaning the self I want to be.  The self I am in so many other areas.  The self that makes me feel good.

For me, going more minimal always provides a huge emotional benefit.  It’s almost like my soul craves less in order for it to live more.

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