And Then, We Moved

In December of 2016, my husband and I decided to relocate our family.  We put our home up for sale the day after Christmas, and two days later it sold.  Escrow was set to be very short.  We were to be moved out by January 20, 2017.

Because of the enthusiasm my husband showed in decreasing our possessions for the move, I was convinced that we were on the same page about minimalism going forward.  But we weren’t.

Again, for him it was a season.  For him, minimalism was serving a specific purpose at a specific time.


And it did serve well.


We utilized quite a few of the decluttering techniques I read about in Ruth Soukup’s book Unstuffed: Decluttering Your Home, Mind, and Soul.  As you might remember, that book is what started this whole minimalism thing for me.

My husband and I went room by room and threw out, donated, or gave away anything and everything that we didn’t want anymore.

My husband even went through the garage – a huge feat for him!


That’s All of It?


By the time we were done downsizing, packing was a breeze.  In fact, when our movers showed up, they looked around and said to us, “That’s all of it?”

We were so proud of ourselves.  Yep, that was all of it.  We saved hundreds on the move because our truck weight went down significantly.  And loading the truck only took a couple of hours – amazing since it was scheduled to have taken an entire day.

When we got to our new location and the moving company delivered our belongings, we heard the same thing upon unloading the truck, “That’s all of it?”


The truck was unloaded in less than two hours.


But that was just to our rental house.  We were in the process of buying a permanent home; and before we moved in there, we got rid of even more.

While in the rental, we were given access to a very large construction dumpster.  You better believe I took advantage of that!  Even with having gone through things before moving, I was finding so much that I didn’t want as I unpacked.  I kept wondering why I moved with these things.  What purpose did they have?  It seemed so ridiculous to me that I had paid money to move items I never even used.

So before our home was complete and ready for moving into, I made sure to clear out any unwanted stuff from the rental.  I cleared out so much that when we did finally move into our permanent home, the movers took less than three hours to pack, move, and unpack us.


My husband and I felt great about it.  We were both so proud of the swiftness and ease of our move.


We set up house and would smile with such joy at the rooms – the crisp, clean, uncluttered rooms.

We would talk about how much easier it was having less stuff to burden us down.

It was wonderful.

And while that feeling of joy in having less stuck to me like glue, it didn’t stick to my husband.  Over time, he has come to desire more again.  I like to remind him of the way we felt upon moving with so little, but we just aren’t on the same page with it anymore.  And that is ok.


Start Fresh


Minimalism helped our move.  In fact, if I were to give advice to anyone moving anytime soon, I would tell them to embrace minimalism for a season like my husband did.  Embrace it, live it, utilize it.  Use that moment in life to break free from the hold of possessions.  Start fresh.

And if, like my husband, you don’t stick with minimalism… well… don’t be too hard on yourself.  Just know that you can always have that as a tool if you ever need it again.

2 thoughts on “And Then, We Moved

  1. We have plans to downsize once the teens have moved away so while we have done a large decluttering in the past year, we are also continuously on the path or reducing and really questioning what we bring in. My husband is on board…getting him to find the time to actually go through things can be a whole different matter. 😉

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    1. So great that your husband is on board! Mine has said that he can support me, but I need to ask first…, um, yeah, I’ve not asked and thrown out stuff he later went looking for so that was a lesson learned (and a future post!).

      I find I’m always questioning what gets brought in. And now with Christmas just a few days away… well, I was very mindful in my gift buying.

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