One Word 2019 – Expectation

A few years ago, I started choosing a word for each year.  This practice may sound odd to some, but I think it is a great way to focus your heart and mind on what is most important to you in that moment.

Because I am a Christian, I focus my word on what I see God wanting to do in my life.  I don’t pick a word without any thought.  It’s not just some random thing that sounds good.  Rather, I take some time, pray, read my Bible, and try to listen to what God is saying.

For 2019, my chosen word is expectation.




I chose the word word expectation because I believe that this year I need to expect God to work greatly in my life.

A couple of years ago, I bought a One-Year Bible and read through it (I chose the One-Year Bible for Women from Tyndale Publishing).  A One-Year Bible is basically a Bible that is arranged into daily reading for each day of the year so that if you follow the plan you will complete reading the entire Bible in one year.

As I read through the Old Testament, one thing that constantly stood out to me was the way in which people prayed.  Every prayer said was said with expectation.  In other words, the prayers were not said just to say them, but they were said with purpose and with the belief that God would show up.




Ever since that initial read through of the Bible (up until that time I had never read the entire Bible), the word expectation has stuck in my heart almost as if God were trying to tell me something.


Perhaps, He is trying to tell me that I need to expect some things.


And that is where I am at.  I am in a season of expectation.  When I started to think of my word for 2019, the only word I had was expectation.  At first, I thought it was silly; but no matter how hard I tried, no other word seemed to work.  I believe God gives us things to focus on, and I believe this is where He wants my focus to be… in my expectation of Him to show up, do great things, change my life, honor His promises, and be everything I need Him to be.

I am planning to begin my One-Year Bible again tomorrow.  2019 will be my second year reading through it, and this time I am going to read with expectation.

Since working to minimize my life, I have realized that a lot of my distractions have been minimized as well.  I feel like I am starting to focus better on the more important things, and my relationship with God is one of those things.  I believe that this second read through of the entire Bible will be even more of a blessing as I listen with expectation and fully believe in God to do the great things He promised.

Do you choose a word of the year?

Have you seen any changes in your focus since minimizing your life?

Have you ever read through the entire Bible, and if so, what impact did it have on you?

4 thoughts on “One Word 2019 – Expectation

  1. That sounds like a wonderful choice for your word of the year! I have had many shifts in my life as I began to focus on living a more intentional life, part of which included downscaling the clutter.
    I have not done the Bible in a year. I cannot say as to whether I have read the entire thing, but if not, then probably close. My background is that I was at a small Christian school (which I liken to being homeschooled, although not fully, and was self-paced through a set of curriculum books that are marketed towards homeschoolers) until 7th grade. So not only did I attend the three church services each week but at the school, Bible was on of the curriculum books we worked through, and we also had monthly bible passages to memorize and periodic sword drills. I can generally pick up which portion of the Bible is being referenced and where to find it.

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    1. Wow, that’s a lot of church services! We attended church off and on as kids. Went to youth group, Sunday school, and various church outings. It wasn’t until college that my faith became really important to me. It’s not that it was unimportant before that, but things changed as I got older. It sounds like you had an interesting upbringing. I went to public school and now homeschool my kids.

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      1. I did have an interesting upbringing. It makes for quite the tale now. I didn’t think so as much when I was younger. My parents attended the church for a period in the middle, but I was there so often because our neighbor was the pastor’s daughter and she took me because I wanted to go. There would be later issues to arise from it all that caused me to have a variety of problems with organized religion, but I am very grateful for the learning of my way around the Bible so that later when I began a “personal” relationship, it felt like a returning. 🙂

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