Removing Temptations

Over the past few years, I’ve deleted Facebook and Twitter many times.  I get frustrated, annoyed, and just fed up by all the negativity so I delete it and move on.  I’ve also taken short breaks from scrolling through Instagram and breaks from watching videos on YouTube.

Recently, however, I have rejoined the world of social media.

The rejoining of all things social media really got me thinking with 2019 rolling in.  I do have some weaknesses when it comes to spending habits.  I discussed previously how I got swept up in the whole planner mania and bought all the things that went along with that fad.  And I told you how I purged it all and felt so free.

But social media has a way of tempting people…

So there I was, sitting on my favorite chair, scrolling through Instagram, when I saw the cutest little planner.  It was decorated to perfection.  It had all the fancy bells and whistles of the planning world:

fancy habit trackers

amazing decorative stickers

monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly spreads

an amazing cover

amazing options to change the cover

amazing influencers telling me how amazing it was


Amazing!  Amazing!  Amazing!


And I felt myself gravitating towards it.  After looking at all the pretty pictures, I clicked on the links.  I went through the customization process.  I added it to my cart.

And then I stopped.

I asked myself a very simple question:


What am I going to do with this?


I couldn’t answer the question.  I have a planner that works for what I need.  I just purged everything else because it was so useless to me.  I was simply falling prey to very clever advertising.

So I deleted the item from my cart.

And then I got to thinking…


Remove the Temptation


It occurred to me that the only reason I was even looking at this planner stuff was because I kept seeing pictures of it.  Up until I saw the pretty pictures, which are just advertisements, I didn’t even want another planner.  Up until some “influencer” told me how great it was, I didn’t even care.

So I started deleting the accounts of the companies that were tempting me.

I unfollowed them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


I cleaned my digital house!


I went through and unfollowed key influencers who were doing nothing more than getting paid to sell me a product that I didn’t need.

And then I sat back and enjoyed social media for what I want it to be – social.

I think social media is great in all its various forms.  But feeling like I need to purchase some product that I didn’t even want in the first place is not why I want to be on it.  Taking a few minutes (ok, maybe it takes longer than that) to clear out your accounts of all the spending temptations is a great way to free space in your mind.  It is a great way to stop sitting around thinking you might be missing out if you don’t buy something, and it is a great way to save yourself some money.

While it’s planners and stationary that temp me, perhaps you might be tempted by fashion sites, coupon deals of the day, electronics, or home decor.  Whatever it is, I’d like to suggest that you do a social media declutter from those temptations.  If you don’t fill your days with images of those things, chances are you will stop desiring them so much.

And after you declutter those temptations from your feed, if you really want to know what certain companies are up to, you can just search them and look on occasion.  Look when you actually have the need to look.  That simple change in how you view products is likely to result in not only money saved, but also in your being more intentional about what you purchase.

It certainly is making a difference for me, and the year just started!

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