The Hot Water Kettle Debate

I love tea.  I always have.  And I love tea of all different varieties.  Loose leaf, in a bag, herbal, or caffeinated… it doesn’t really matter.  I just love tea.

Over the years, I’ve had a couple of different stovetop tea kettles and I’ve always ended up with the same result.  Whether it was an inexpensive kettle from a big box store or an ridiculously expensive kettle from a local retailer, the kettles always ended up with a bizarre odor in them that nauseated me.

I’m not sure what the odor I’ve experienced is, and it probably wouldn’t bother anyone else.  In fact, my husband didn’t even notice it in the last stovetop kettle we owned.  But I did, and I just couldn’t deal with it so I threw the kettle away.

Then I took to microwaving water in a mug.  Microwaving water in a mug works fine, but it is really hard to regulate the temperature.  I’ve always found that either the mug itself was too hot to hold, or the water was just scalding.

Trying to perfect my water microwaving, I started using a plastic measuring cup.  That wasn’t the best idea.  The plastic cup warped every time I microwaved it, and I couldn’t help but think of all the various chemicals that were seeping into the water.

And then I got an idea.  I remembered an employer I had back in my college days and her nifty electric hot water kettle.  She kept it on her desk ready to go for her afternoon tea.

I decided I needed one.



Three Weeks Ago


I had made the decision that I needed an electric hot water kettle.

I sat on that decision.

I reminded myself that I want to make intentional purchases.  I don’t want to fill the house with items I don’t really need.  I told myself to just continue microwaving the water, warped plastic measuring cup and all.

But I decided that the next time I was at the store, I would look at the electric kettles just to see what they were like.


Two Weeks Ago


I went to the store with my husband to pick up a few necessities.  While there, I stopped in the kitchen appliance section and began looking at the electric hot water kettles.

I read the boxes.

I compared prices.

I compared styles.

I compared brand names.

One of the members of the gym I work at walked by and said hello.  She told me that I “deserved the kettle.”

My husband agreed.

When she left, my husband put the kettle that I liked in our cart.  I walked all over the store with it.

And then I asked him to put it back.

I told him that I would continue with the microwave and it would be fine.

And when I got home, I sat down and promptly exclaimed, “I should have bought the kettle!”


Present Day


As I am typing this post, I am sipping hot tea.  The tea was made with water from my new electric hot water kettle.

On Saturday, a full two weeks since I had been told I deserved it, I went back to the store and purchased the kettle.

The funniest thing happened… the same lady from my gym was there.  I saw her while walking out with my purchase.  I held up my shopping bag and proudly announced to her that, “I finally got my kettle!”

She laughed.  I laughed.  My husband told me that I am a frustrating person… we all laughed at that.

I guess I am a little frustrating, but I just wanted to be sure that I really – and I mean really – wanted the kettle.  For many people it would have been a no-brainer.  But I have spent way too much time downsizing my life to not give ample thought to purchases.

And that is how I tend to approach everything these days.  I think about it.  I debate it.  I sit and wait for a while before spending the money.  If the item is worth it, I eventually buy it.  If it’s not worth it, I forget about it.  In the case of the kettle, well…

I really like tea.

9 thoughts on “The Hot Water Kettle Debate

  1. I can understand that, but make sure it’s not an anxious reaction. Because, after all, if you DON’T really need it, you can give it away or whatever. I do the same thing, but it’s anxiety based. That’s why I mention that. I just use a small sauce pan and heat up my water on the stove…but I found a really nice one (not super expensive) that looks sorta bronze-ish that I want to buy. I just haven’t gotten out to do it.

    ENJOY YOUR KETTLE! kiss kiss hug hug

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  2. Congrats on your kettle and belated decision to buy it! It IS ok to buy something if it makes your life easier. Just because you live minimally doesn’t mean you need to make your life tougher! I bought mine and absolutely love it, using it for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, the list goes on and on. I like to let mine cool down, wipe out the excess moisture inside and let it sit open when not in use. That tends to help with smell. Sometimes I’ll also do a boil with a teeny amount of baking soda and the minimum water and then rinse thoroughly.

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    1. I’ve been letting it cool and wiping it out as well. But that boil with baking soda once in a while is an excellent tip that I will surely try. I’m loving this kettle and would be so crushed if it turned all smelly… Thank you! Also, you are right. My goal is definitely not to make life harder. I just want to be sure of purchases… but an item I really do want is ok. I need to remember that. Thank you for reading! 💓


  3. I admire how you analyse a decision and really put thought into what you buy 🙂
    I’m similar in that when I want something, I research it and ponder over it for weeks before actually buying it. It’s a good method to save money and not fill the house with unnecessary crap.

    It’s funny because here in the UK, the No.1 absolutely essential item in every home, office, workplace, farm, everywhere… is an electric kettle!
    Us Brits would die from madness if we couldn’t have our tea and coffee and the only way we tend me make it is with an electric kettle.
    It’s tradition when you move house, before you even think about buying paint or furniture, to get a kettle. I have a kettle in my laboratory. People bring them on holiday. Life revolves around the kettle. It is sacred to us.
    I’m glad you’ve discovered it’s wonders!

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    1. Ok, I have a kind of funny story for you… I did my Ancestry DNA. I may have to write a post on it. According to my results, I am 60% England, Wales, Northwestern Europe, 14% Scotland and Ireland. Largest concentration being England, Scotland, and Wales. After getting my kettle, my daughter told me, “See, you really are British!” I about died laughing. I guess it’s in my blood, so to speak!


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