Creating a Clean and Peaceful Home

One of the things I often notice while perusing blog posts and videos on minimalism is the constant assertion that time is saved in house cleaning.  As a stay-at-home mom/wife/homemaker, lessening my cleaning time has always appealed to me.  But I don’t think it’s as easy as becoming a minimalist and/or decluttering some items.



While there is a strong amount of truth in stating that decluttering and minimizing life helps decrease the amount of time spent cleaning, there is also an equal amount of truth in stating that the time saved really depends on how one cleans.

Decluttering your home and minimizing possessions is great for surface area.  The time saved in cleaning is evident when you no longer have to pick up multiple items before wiping a counter or vacuuming a floor.

But.. and this is where things get serious… if you don’t keep up with your cleaning, no matter how much decluttering you’ve done, you won’t save any time.


Clean House Reality Check


In order to save time cleaning, you actually have to clean.  For example, if you put off cleaning a bathroom for a couple of weeks then it will take you longer to scrub the sink, tub, and toilet.  You will have to work harder at it despite the cleared off surface area.  And if you don’t sweep up your floors regularly, they will take longer to clean as eventually the dust and dirt starts to stick.

So what is a person to do when sometimes cleaning just isn’t an activity you want to do?

Make a schedule.

Yes, a cleaning schedule.

It doesn’t have to be anything grand or amazing.  You don’t need a new planner or special printouts to achieve this.  All you need is a piece of paper or a notes app on your phone and you are set to go.


My Cleaning Schedule


I have recently created for myself a cleaning schedule.  I did this because, just as I mentioned above, time was not being saved.  I was putting off my cleaning and the buildup was starting to make the process take much longer than it needed to take.

My schedule is very simple.  It’s more of a big picture schedule, not a deep cleaning routine or anything of that nature.  There are minor areas that I clean daily and some bigger things that I only do when my kids break from homeschool.  You’ll see what I mean…



Dishes – both afternoon and dinner

Laundry – one load a day (yes, for real)

Sweep main floor space – our main space is the living room, kitchen, and dining room – they flow as one continuous area, and we have a parakeet so a daily sweep up is very important


Sinks and mirrors in the two bathrooms


Tubs and toilets in the two bathroom


Dusting throughout house


Vacuuming bedrooms and hallway – the only areas in our house with carpeting

Scrub kitchen sink

Every Five Weeks

Mop main floors

Wipe baseboards


I know, you are shocked that mopping is only every five weeks.  But the truth is, if I keep up with the main floor sweeping (I have a sweeping stick vac and a dust mop – what I use depends on my mood), I don’t have to mop constantly.  I can wipe up any spots or spills easily and save the big mopping for a time when my mind isn’t consumed with teaching two different grade levels and managing a house.

You might also notice that I have no major tasks for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  That is because my husband works what is called four tens.  That means he works ten hours a day, Monday thru Thursday, and he is off work Friday thru Sunday.  The last thing I want to do is fill his time off with watching me do house chores.  The poor guy already has to endure grocery shopping…


Clean and Peaceful


Creating a cleaning schedule has been really helpful for me.  Keeping up with the chores on a regular basis actually does allow me to say that minimalism decreases cleaning time.  But again, it has to be kept up with.  If I were to just put things off, the dirt and grime would accumulate and my husband’s precious days off would most certainly be filled with housecleaning.  No one wants that.  We prefer our weekends to be free for family time and relaxation – the things that matter most.


How do you approach cleaning in your house?  What are your thoughts on minimalism decreasing cleaning time?  I would love to hear from you in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Creating a Clean and Peaceful Home

  1. I agree completely, there’s no point having a wonderfully organised, minimal house if it’s filthy!
    I enjoyed reading your schedule, you have things very well structured and even though you’re cleaning most days, it doesn’t sound like it actually takes up a great deal of time.

    I have a very small cottage and no children, so cleaning is easier for me.

    I wash the dishes after every meal (I get this from my mum and grandma, they have always done so) I sweep the kitchen floor every day and clean it once a week (by hand as it’s the only non-carpet area of the house).
    Every Tuesday and Thursday my other half works in the evening so I clean the bathroom, dust and wipe the surfaces.
    I hoover every other day.
    I wash the shower curtain, cushion covers and throws once per month.

    I adore cleaning all my shoes but am terrible with the windows – I clean them much less than I’d like to admit!

    Last year we spoke to our electricity supplier and realised that it costs triple to use electric from 8:30am – 18:30pm. This means that we only have showers, use the washing machine and oven outside of these hours.

    Do your children and husband help with the chores?

    I make my other half wash his own clothes, hoover and deal with the rubbish (trash).

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    1. I think that it doesn’t take up much time each day is definitely what I like about this schedule. I find that everything is finished in under an hour, which is really great!

      Oh, I am also terrible with windows. I do not like cleaning them at all. It’s definitely a once in a great while thing for me.

      The family is good about helping when asked. I don’t have a set chore list for the kids like so many other people do. This has made housework less of a struggle for them. When I ask, for example, for help with the dishes, they hop right up and get at it with no grumbles. My husband does the trash and focuses his attentions mainly on the outside doing yard work and such.

      I also have some hours where I try not to run things like the washing machine. Here they call it “peak hours” and it really does raise the cost.

      I wonder if my husband would be inclined to wash his own clothes? Hmm… somehow I doubt it. 😉


  2. I think a cleaning schedule is extremely helpful. I have had one at numerous times in life with the kid’s assigned certain weekly jobs in the upkeep as well. Our outside schedule got a little chaotic and I’ve fallen off the schedule. And it shows 😉 I need to add one back in!!

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    1. I think it’s fabulous how so many people thrive on routine and schedule, and how when we go off from it we realize the need. Life takes a lot of twists and turns, but we can always adjust, ya know? And I’m imagining as the kids continue to grow, my schedule will get changed up from time to time.

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  3. I too work to a plan but the only time the flat remains spotless is when my husband is away! We don’t have any kids but he’s just so messy and hasn’t improved with age. We’ve now settled with him trying not to make extra work for me but……………..

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    1. My husband can get pretty messy at times, too. He’s the only person I know who can create so many crumbs from bite-sized snacks. 😂 But we do love these men in our lives, even when their shoes track in mud and their “hobbies” take over the entire house. 😉 Thanks for reading! 💕


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