Just have the Coffee

A week ago, I decided to start my 2019 Sugar Detox.  I’m still on that path, but I have made a very important adjustment.  I’ve decided to add back in my coffee, despite the use of creamer.



Initially, I felt like I needed to give up coffee for a couple of reasons.  The first was that I am greatly addicted to it, and I’m not sure that’s a good way to be.  The caffeine is something I enjoy on a daily basis.  I like that pick me up.  But caffeine is most definitely a drug of sorts; so to be addicted to it, well, I know it’s an issue.  The second reason was that I use a creamer that has sugar in it, and I started debating whether it was actually the caffeine or the sugar that I was truly addicted to.

I thought I would just replace my coffee with a caffeinated black tea in the mornings – no sugar involved and I have some caffeine.  What I discovered is that there is a very different level of caffeine from coffee to tea, and my body felt the difference.


Day One


On day one of this process, I was incredibly groggy.  I didn’t like that feeling.  I like to feel awake and alert in life.  I need to be awake and alert.  It was frustrating, but I carried on.


Day Two


Day two came and I got a raging, all day long headache.  No amount of ibuprofen would decrease the headache.  I was tired and in pain all the way up until I finally went to bed for the night.


Day Three


Day three, I woke up and the headache was gone for a while.  Then it returned.  Not quite as raging as the day before, but still throbbing and unpleasant.  Additionally, I was still so tired.  I recognized that the headache and tiredness were most definitely brought on by the lack of caffeine.


Day Four


Day four came and I didn’t have a headache, but I still remained quite sluggish.  I wasn’t feeling quite like myself, and I didn’t like it.  Now, I do realize that this is a process and caffeine acts like a drug in your system so withdrawals are natural, but the feeling was awful.  My husband said I should just have the coffee, but I felt so determined to stick it out… or so I thought.


Day Five


Then I woke up on day five and had yet another headache.

I was very unhappy.

I was hurting.

So you know what I did?  I just had the coffee.

Like I mentioned in my previous post about this sugar detox, I don’t actually like the taste of coffee on its own.  I need the creamer in it.  I don’t add any extra sugar, but the creamer has sugar in it.  I don’t care for sugar-free creamers.  They taste weird to me.

So I checked the creamer label and the amount of sugar in the creamer is actually less than I thought it was.  That’s a positive!

I decided to only pour half of what I normally do and, much to my surprise, I liked the flavor.  Then again, maybe I was craving the coffee so much that I would have liked anything… who knows?

But I liked it with half the amount, and that means I still cut down the sugar.

And best of all, within the hour, my headache disappeared.  It was like my body said thank you to me.

So yes, I am addicted to caffeine, there is no doubt about it.  The coffee made my headache go away and my energy level returned to normal.  I felt like me again.

And I like feeling like me.

So I’m going to just drink the coffee.  I have no desire to fight with my body over caffeine right now.  I’m sure that if I gave it another week I would break free from from it, but I don’t want to.  Going forward, I will continue cutting all the other sugars, but I will keep that creamer around for the coffee.

And about those other sugars… I’m good there.  I’ve been reading labels, changing food choices, and staying away from the sweet treats in the house.  It really hasn’t been that hard, although I know temptations will come.  Right now my will power is pretty strong for those snack type items… but I’m definitely a coffee junkie.

8 thoughts on “Just have the Coffee

  1. Oh girl I totally get you on those withdrawals! I have an autoimmune disease that is negatively affected by caffeine – which I knew when I started back up my coffee drinking 🤦🏻‍♀️ – and I got to where I was drinking 2 cups each day. It may not seem like a lot, but for me it was and I was starting to feel sick and get those headaches even while drinking it. I’m about a week and some change from my last coffee and it is so much better now but in the beginning my head was nasty and I was soooooo sluggish. Now my go-to is chai tea latte kcups…which has some sugar…but is a much better solution for me! But I loved my coffee! ☕💗

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    1. Mmmm… I love a good chai tea latte. So yummy!

      It must be hard to have any issue aggravated by food. I can’t even imagine. Thank goodness you are able to recognize what affects you and try to stop having it. Our bodies are so interesting… thanks for reading. 💕

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  2. I hear your struggle! I have switched to black coffee because I wanted to cut down on sugar and dairy products. It was challenging for a bit but I soon found that I disliked the taste of the excess sugar.

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    1. I wonder if I continue to decrease the creamer little by little, will I finally get to a point where I enjoy the coffee without it… hmm… it could happen. To get to the point of disliking the taste of excess sugar is fantastic! That’s when you know you’ve made some lasting change. Thanks for reading!😃

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  3. Don’t feel any guilt – I think the majority of the western world are caffeine addicts… and what’s wrong with that? If it makes us focused, alert and happy, isn’t that fantastic? It’s always useful to learn more about our own bodies and your experiment proves that. Well done on sticking it out for as long as you did with severe headaches!

    I would also class myself as a caffeine addict. I have around 6 cups of black coffee per day. I drink more coffee than my partner, however on holiday I go cold turkey and feel great, whereas he reduces his coffee intake and suffers from headaches, the same as you. Strange, isn’t it? x

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    1. That is strange! The human body amazes me.

      I’ll definitely take that focused, alert, and happy feeling over the headaches any day. No guilt, just learning more about me. 💕


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