Conquering Decluttering Challenges

Do you have problem areas?

No, I’m not talking about areas on your body that you think need a nip and tuck.  I’m talking about areas in your home.  These are areas that for one reason or another just constantly collect clutter.

Like magnets…  Junk sucking vortexes…  Gravity grabs hold and all the stuff goes there.

I think most of us have these areas.  I know I do.  And it bugs me.

Oh my goodness… it bugs me so much!



One of the trickiest things about being a minimalist in a home with a partner who is not a minimalist is conquering decluttering challenges without being a nag.  I want so much for my husband to approach our environment the same way I approach it, but I know that just isn’t going to happen.  And because our approaches are different, there are areas in the house that collect stuff.  And I find that I am constantly decluttering and battling the stuff in those areas.

The two specific areas in my house that are constant battle zones are the kitchen bar/counter, and the bathroom cabinets.

I’ve watched quite a few videos on this subject… videos on how to model minimalism to get your partner in the same mindset, videos on how to organize counter space for every type of person under the sun, and videos on how to just get rid of it all and not worry who gets upset.

The videos are interesting, but the reality is that I can model my behavior until the cows come home, and if my hubby just doesn’t want to do it… well… he won’t do it!

And those videos on organizing are all well and good if you actually want to keep the clutter.  But I don’t want to keep it.  I want it gone.  Organized clutter is still just that – clutter.

So, what’s a girl to do?

It seems that no matter how many times I toss out old papers and magazines, more just find their way to the kitchen counter.  No matter how many times I put electronics back in their homes, they always migrate right back.  No matter how many times I put the snacks in the pantry, they always end up right back where they started.

And despite being very good about not over purchasing bathroom supplies, somehow the cabinets are always a disaster.  I’d really like to throw 90% of the stuff away, but I’m not the only one using the space.


I never knew a man could have so much product… and I never really thought about it until starting my minimalism journey.  He’s got a ton, and I have almost none.  It’s interesting, or weird, or both… I don’t know… it’s different.

So that’s where I’m at right now.  In a battle zone.  Fighting to gain control of the problem areas.

Ok, that sounds a bit extreme.  No one is actually fighting – it’s not worth that.  I’m just fighting internally.  My internal self is battling it out, trying to figure out how to conquer this issue.

If you were looking for a how to, this isn’t the post.  I don’t know how to.  I just know that the minimalism journey comes with bumps, and this is the current bump I’m facing.

I want to look at my kitchen and have every counter clear from the mess of life.

I want to open my bathroom cabinets and find that the only stuff in them is stuff that we actually need.

But I also don’t want to nag my husband about the whole thing.  He didn’t ask for me to become a minimalist, it just happened.

So it’s a challenge.  Everyday, I am challenged to clear things off and make the space right in my own mind.  Eventually, maybe, possibly, some of my effort will rub off… but maybe not.  Still, I hope it does.

I think I may take you on a photo tour of my house soon.  I considered video, but I’m not sure I’m ready to be that exposed.  Either way, it will be interesting to hear what you think.  I’m working up to it.  But geez, do I really want you to see the kitchen counter?

4 thoughts on “Conquering Decluttering Challenges

  1. I feel your pain!!
    My other half is fantastic at following my rules and systems yet spaces which are his own are horrendously untidy. In our office/spare room/laundry room I have an immaculate and minimalist desk next to his overflowing jumble sale of a mess (I assume there’s a desk under there…).

    Isn’t it so frustrating when you desire a “completed” tidy house and yet other people don’t understand our stress. But I wonder if that’s just it – he doesn’t realise how much irritation his clutter causes you.

    I also wonder if sometimes men to do this to subconsciously rebel against living effectively under our rules. Sometimes the best way to get a man to do something is to turn it into a task which you “need help with”. Men loved to be asked for help, and giving them a tangible goal to achieve is perfect.

    So perhaps you can turn the cluttered spaces into actions your husband can accomplish? Maybe oiling the kitchen bar (so he won’t want any objects messing up the finish) or “fixing” the bathroom cabinet?

    Good luck and yes please do a house tour!!

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    1. Sometimes, I wonder if he does realize the frustration and continues in the clutter just to watch me slowly go insane. 🤪 LOL!!

      But seriously, the thought of him subconsciously rebelling against rules of sorts… that’s interesting and not something I’d thought of. It’s entirely possible that as an adult he is internally feeling he can live any way he pleases and I’m not his mother to tell him what to do. But tasks… tasks are good! Looking to what he can fix… my mind is at work already compiling a list. Nothing too extreme, but perhaps enough to get the ball rolling. 😊


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