Creating Lasting Habits

I enjoy writing.  I always have.  Since I was a little girl, writing has played a huge part in my life.  I’ve mentioned before that I am someone who journals and that journaling helps to calm me, but there are other types of writing that I also enjoy.  Most specifically, I enjoy writing on a blog.

I first began blogging in 2004 after my son was born.  I’ve had many blogs over the years.  There have been blogs where I share about motherhood in general, blogs where I specifically share about autism, blogs centered on my Christian faith, homeschooling blogs, and even blogs where I share my take on politics.  Yep, I’ve covered quite a wide range in the blogosphere… and I’ve loved it!

But lately, I’ve noticed that my habits of doing what I love have waned.  I don’t consistently write on my blog the way I used to.  And it’s not because of the subject – this minimalist life can lead to discussing an entire array of subjects.  I have just fallen out of habit.



I was talking with a friend of mine a few days ago, and I told her about how I have seen my habit of writing tank.  I told her how I wanted to get it back.  Blogging is incredibly important to me.  It is important that I be able to express my thoughts in a way that I enjoy.  And I love the feedback I get from it.  I love the relationships I’ve formed through blogging.  I love the camaraderie with other writers and thinkers.

I’ve read a lot of blog posts and articles, and watched a lot of videos, about habit forming.  One of the main ideas that each had is that in order to form a habit, you just have to do it.  You just have to make up your mind that this is what you want, and make the time each day to get it done.

I’ve also read a lot of blog posts and articles, and watched a lot of videos, about how minimalism is great for reducing distractions so that we can focus on the things that truly matter.  And yes, minimalism does reduce distractions.  There is less clutter, less to clean, less to muck up your space… those physical obstacles tend to go away with minimalism.


But the mental obstacles… 


I find that lately when I sit down to write, my mind is in a million places.  I have so many ideas to share, and so many thoughts on just about everything that being able to sit down and pour it out has become difficult.  Additionally, I get distracted by social media.  I had nipped that when I cut off from social media, but rejoining everything has left me reading everything… and in reading everything, I’ve fallen into that age old comparison trap where I just feel like I can’t possibly measure up to the perceived expectations of people who may read my blog.  After all, I am no Joshua Becker.  (I’m a fan, that is not a jab, it’s just an illustration.)

And I know that this is all in my head… the expectations of others is just what I make it out to be in my own insecurities.  No one expects me to be someone else.  But perhaps rejoining Facebook was a bad idea for me… I don’t know.

Whatever the case, my comparison habit overruns my writing habit.

And mental distractions overrun my writing habit.

But realizing what has happened has brought me to a place of renewed passion.

I freaking love writing!  I don’t want to stop because I may not be good enough at it.  I don’t want to lose the habit, which is also an enjoyable hobby, just because my mind is distracted.  Rather, I want to recreate the habit of doing what I love on a consistent basis because it makes me happy.

So I’m going to take that advice of just making time and writing daily.  Even if I have to save a draft for a week before I actually post it, I’m going to consistently carve out the time to write.  If I set a time each day to write, and follow through with it, the habit will form.  And I will find myself back into my most enjoyable hobby in no time.  After all, there really is no reason that I can’t do that.  My distractions aren’t such that they make writing impossible – I have plenty of time.

And that journal I previously told you about, well, I’m using one of my books to jot down ideas.  I need to get the ideas out of my head – brain dump, they call it.  I think that by getting some of the ideas out of my head – on paper – it will help me to focus better when I do sit down to write.  After all, when your mind is going a million miles a minute, it is hard to slow it down!

But the whole point of this post is really to tell you that I feel like I have found my passion for writing again.  My habits need fine tuning, but the enjoyment of the hobby is there.  And I plan to spend time each day, even if just five minutes, writing.  By doing that, I will form the lasting habit that will better allow me to continue this incredible blogging journey.

Do you ever struggle with habits?  Specifically, do you struggle with good writing habits?  What are some hobbies you’ve recently found a renewed passion for?  I’d love to hear from you!

9 thoughts on “Creating Lasting Habits

  1. I loved your post. I could relate it to so much. I found my passion for writing few years ago. I started out with doing poetry and then later on meaningful topics. I am still working on making it a daily routine. Writing is really like meditation. You allow yourself to get your thoughts out instead of them just staying within your mind. It feels amazing to share our thoughts and see other writer’s perspective from it as well. Hope you have a great day and wonderful time writing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree so much that it is like meditation. I find that when things just stay in my mind, I tend to over analyze and stress myself out. *sigh*
      But letting it all out… there’s freedom in that.
      Thank you for reading. 💕😃


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