Just Don’t Quit

It’s been a little over a month since I announced my attempt to detox from sugar again and so far, well, I’m not fully detoxed… but I would say I’m a good 90% there.  Completely nixing sugar from your life takes a lot of work, and a lot of commitment.  It isn’t something that a person can do overnight, at least not in a realistic, longterm way.  One thing I keep reminding myself of is just don’t quit…

Don’t quit trying.

Don’t quit putting in the the effort.

Don’t quit on the commitment I made to myself.



There have been quite a few days in the last month where I wanted to quit.  I would think to myself that this is a stupid goal.  That I’ve tried it before and it didn’t last, and that escaping the clutches of sugar was just an impossible feat in today’s culture.

And then I’d remind myself of what I’ve learned when I cut sugar way, way down…

I feel better.

I’m more alert, more energetic, and all around happier.

That sudden rush that is always followed by an intense drop disappears.  And that leads to better mental clarity, which is always a plus.

I’ve also learned that sugar is inflammatory.  Did you know that?  I don’t know if it is a scientific thing… I mean, I never googled it to find out.  I just know that when I eat a lot of sugar I get inflamed, puffy, bloated, and all that stuff.  But when I cut sugar down to the bare minimum, all of that goes away.

I also sleep better.

My skin looks better.

And even my hair looks better… healthier.

So I continue to minimize in the health category.  Minimizing sugar… not quitting… despite those days when emotional eating is all I want to do, despite those days when I just feel like nothing but chocolate will satisfy me… I don’t quit.

I keep trying.

It’s not perfect.  Total transparency, I had ice cream last night.  I didn’t sleep worth a darn afterwards… but with illness prevailing in my house right now (blasted spring colds!), I just felt defeated.  And I found comfort in that ice cream.

I admit it!  Comfort from food.  It happened.

But today is new day, and I press on.

Not quitting.

2 thoughts on “Just Don’t Quit

    1. My biggest struggle is with emotions. I grab what’s bad for me when I feel stressed or upset. I know I do it, but replacing that habit has proven to be tougher than originally anticipated.

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