Getting Fresh for Spring

Spring has sprung in my neck of the woods.  Well, sort of.  I mean, we are expecting more snow this week and next… but it is nothing like winter snow.  Spring snow comes and goes quickly, so I’m sticking with spring has sprung!

And with spring being here, I’ve decided to do some more decluttering around the house.  It’s not that there is a ton to get rid of, because there isn’t… But there are items that are still sitting unused, collecting dust, and just needing to move on from our house.  It is actually pretty amazing to me that no matter how much we offload, there is always something more to declutter.

My kids are on their spring break from homeschool this week as well, so there really couldn’t be a better time to go through things and declutter.  Not having to think about lesson plans and all of that clears up my mind to really focus on how I want the house to be right now.


Fresh for spring.

Fresh is just the word I think of when I think of this time of year.  In fact, I spent the last couple of days working on some spring cleaning to freshen things up.  Basically, all those cleaning things I don’t do in my daily routine are the things I did the past few days.

And the house is sparkling!  I love it.

So yes, more decluttering.  I’ve been looking at the different rooms in the house and at what needs to be done and here is what I found.




My kitchen is fairly minimal, but there are still a few items in there that make no sense to keep anymore.  First up is my panini press.  I bought it a few years back with big goals of making all the different paninis.  Only… I never did.  I’ve only used the thing twice.


Basically, the panini press sits in the cabinet above the refrigerator never seeing the light of day.  That’s because I am more of a grilled cheese kind of girl, and when I make that I just use the stove.  I don’t want to drag out an appliance, plug it in, use it, and then have to clean it up – what a pain!

The stove is already there.

My particular stove even has a builtin flattop grill pan.

I’m putting the panini press up in a local selling group.

The second kitchen item that I am discarding I don’t even know what to call.  It is some sort of attachment to our barbecue grill.  We bought the grill when we moved into the house (nearly two years ago) and took the attachments and placed them in a cabinet.  I think they are for grilling fish (Maybe?  I don’t know!), which is something we never do.  These attachments are bulky and annoy me every time I go to get a cooking pan.  So they are out, finally!

And third, I am going through some draws that have an overflow of paper.  Basically, there are some drawers that have leftover notepads and notebooks… odds and ends that get shoved aside with the thought of maybe using them one day – but they never get used.  All of that stuff is getting tossed straight into the recycle bin.




Spring is the perfect time to go through the bedrooms.  Birthday season is soon approaching for my family and anything that is unwanted or unused should be thoughtfully considered for removal in order to make room for new arrivals.  I don’t force the kids to get rid of anything, but I do ask them to think about the items they choose to keep.  In reality, when it comes to toys, there isn’t much to get rid of.  The kids went thought their rooms not too long ago, and there isn’t much left that they don’t use.

But clothing is something that needs to be really checked out in spring.

Going through the drawers and closets is important because kids outgrow stuff so quickly.  We need to donate what doesn’t fit and make a list of items needed for the upcoming summer months.

As for my closet, well, I have quite a few items that I am donating because I haven’t worn them in a long time.  I gave myself a while to see if I would wear these things, but I never did so out they go.

My husband also has some items that we will discard.  He gets a lot of wear and tear on his work clothes so he tends to have to buy new items with each season.  The winter stuff that is all beat up is getting trashed.  We will also be donating some shirts that he hasn’t worn in, well… gee, I’m not sure he’s ever worn them!




I’m also tackling those bathroom cabinets!  If you’ll remember, I told you that they were quite a problem area.  Well, with my spring decluttering I am going to finally get that under control.  I’ve gone through and figured out what is just junk that needs to be trashed, and I’ve come up with solutions to get all that extra product organized a bit better.


And I’m still going to give you a house tour – yes, I am!  I’m just working it out in my mind as to how I want to do that and when.  Video?  Photos?  Now?  Wait for the grass to green up?  Whatever the case, I am definitely planning to share with you our small minimalist home.  I might wait for the spring snow to end first, though, because I want to start from the outside and work my way in… Oh, the anticipation!

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