A while back, I left Facebook.  It was the third time I did a complete delete on it, and I feel great having let it go.  After deleting and remaking and deleting my account three times, I realized once and for all that I really don’t like being on Facebook.

I don’t like how it makes me feel.

I don’t like the control it seems to have over me.

I just don’t like it.

While I realize that many people are able to use Facebook without any issues, it’s just not that way for me.  There is something about the Facebook platform that just affects me.  So it’s gone.

This time, it’s gone for good.



The thing is, Facebook isn’t the only social media platform out there.  I am also on Twitter and Instagram.  I don’t have anything negative to say about Instagram.  I can scroll my feed there, watch the stories, and read the words without any issue.  I know that for others, Instagram is an issue.  But for me… it’s no big deal.

I guess when it comes to social media, we are all affected in different ways.

So, what about Twitter?  Well, Twitter is why I decided to write this post.


Taking Control


This morning, I went through my Twitter account and unfollowed quite a few people.  I should mention that this isn’t my first Twitter account.  I deleted it and restarted it the same way I did with Facebook, but I really do enjoy Twitter so I didn’t want to rid myself of it completely – after all, I have made a few really amazing friends through there (people I’ve been chatting with for many years now).

The thing is, I started to notice over the past couple of weeks that my Twitter was filling up with a lot of stuff that I really don’t care about.  I also noticed that certain people would share things that I really don’t like seeing.  And I noticed that some people only tweet to complain, and that gets annoying after a while.

So I went through my account (which isn’t that big) and I unfollowed people.  I also made sure that the people I am following are on specific lists for topics they frequently tweet about.  I did that so I can pick and choose what I want to read.  For instance, sometimes I just want to read about video games so I click on my gaming list.  Other times, I want some encouragement in homeschooling so I click on my homeschooling list.  I really like the lists feature on Twitter.


No Guilt


I refuse to feel guilty for unfollowing anyone.  If you follow me on Twitter and realize that I unfollowed you, I do hope you won’t be offended.  I don’t intend to offend anyone.

There seems to be some sort of unwritten rule that people on Twitter live by that states if they follow you, then you must follow back.  For a while, I got sucked into that and was following everyone back.  I knew better, but I did it anyway because I started buying into the “follow me and I’ll follow you” mentality.  That’s when I started to notice all the garbage on my feed that I don’t like seeing.

And it’s no one’s fault but my own.  I allowed it to get that way, so I fixed it.

And I’m sharing this with you because if you feel like your social media is getting out of control, it is on you to fix it.


Your Choice


Who you follow or don’t follow on social media is up to you.

What platforms you use or don’t use is a decision that is totally yours.

I’d like to encourage you to take control of your social media.  If you find that any platform makes you feel down, depressed, worthless, less than, or any other negative feeling… it is OK to get rid of it.

If you find that any person or group is sharing things that you don’t like (for any reason), it is OK to unfollow them.

You are not obligated to be a part of anything you don’t enjoy.

It doesn’t matter if it is a friend, family member, or someone you don’t know… you are not obligated to follow anyone on any platform at any time.

I’ve literally been learning, forgetting, and relearning this for over two years now.  We live in a world where social media is now an extension of life and it is hard to let go of it.  But it can be done, and it can be done completely guilt-free.

It is OK to take control.

It is OK to unfollow.

It is OK to create a digital space you love.

4 thoughts on “Unfollowing

  1. I completely agree. I follow very specific platforms or people in twitter because when I’m stuck at kids’ practices, I want to go there and read quality stuff. I don’t give a hoot about stats… 🙂 I follow what I want to read, click unfollow when the spam or crap hits, and that’s that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that you wrote that you read quality stuff. I think that’s so much more important than getting numbers up. After all, if it doesn’t add value, what good is it doing? 🌟

      Liked by 1 person

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