Mindless Consumerism

I remember a few years ago when I would go to stores and wander the isles looking for things to buy.  I didn’t have any reason to buy them, I just went shopping for entertainment.

I would buy things on sale because they were cute.

I would buy newer editions of things I already had because they were somehow upgraded.

I would buy decorations and knick-knacks because they were cheap.

I would go into a place like Target for shampoo and come out with three bags full of junk for no other reason than it was there.  Apart from the shampoo, I didn’t actually need any of it.

I would mindlessly ramble from one department to the next, picking up things and eventually purchasing them just because I didn’t feel like I had anything better to do.

I was completely caught up in our consumeristic culture, and it was suffocating me.



What a difference a few years can make.

When I discovered minimalism as an option, back in 2016, it was like someone had switched on the light for me.  Suddenly, I realized that I could have more in this life – more peace, more happiness, more enjoyment – and I didn’t have to buy anything to get it.

After spending a good chunk of time (that entire first year) decluttering and minimizing my life, the mindless wandering of stores stopped being so appealing.  I found myself wanting to do more meaningful things.  I wanted to go out more in nature.  I wanted to spend more time actively engaging with my family.  I wanted to live intentionally, and that meant making better use of my time.

I wanted more, and I realized I could have it.




Success can be measured in many ways, but today I want to tell you about one specific form of success that I recently had.

Last Friday, my family had to travel to a town two hours away to get some work done on our car.  In case you are wondering why we drove so far away, it was a recall service and we don’t have a Subaru dealership in our town.  Because the recall service would take about five hours, the dealership gave us a loaner car for the day.  And because our small town doesn’t have a lot of stores that many other towns take for granted, we decide to check a couple out.

Specifically, we checked out Target and Hobby Lobby.

A few years ago, I would have been loaded up with bags from each of those stores.

A few years ago, I would have wandered every isle and bought things for every member of my family, and found new ways to decorate my house and new hobbies to try, and… and… and…

But this time, I bought nothing.


I wandered the isles.  I looked at all the neat stuff.  I saw things that were beautiful.  I saw things that were useful.  I saw things that the old me would have purchased without a second thought.

But I’m not that person anymore.  And this time, I didn’t buy anything.

I’m not saying I never go shopping or that I never buy things for my house or my family, but I am saying that I had success in not mindlessly purchasing things I don’t actually need.

I was able to wander those stores and enjoy looking around without giving in to any of it.

It was a pretty big deal for me.

And, while I did enjoy looking around the stores, I also found that I’m now a person who enjoys a walk by the river much more than a stroll through a mall.

9 thoughts on “Mindless Consumerism

  1. I hate shopping. I only do it because one or the other kid grew out of his pants or shoes, or I need to replace something or get food. Rarely do I want to window shop, much less ‘shop shop’. However, there have been days when that does occur. Say a bout of really crappy weather for a long time and I’m feeling stuck and depressed…sometimes, retail therapy works.

    But. I’m a less is more kinda gal. 🙂

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  2. One of our past times is to wander through malls and window shop. We end up buying nothing. Lately I’ve been getting bored of window shopping and rather spend time outdoors. We decided to go on more walks and spend less time in the malls. The malls don’t spark much joy for me at all since I can’t eat the food (it’s so unhealthy or ridiculously overpriced) and I have no interest in buying things I don’t need. Oh, and the lines! I do not miss the lines at all. Change room lines, check out lines, drive thru lines etc.

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    1. I hear you on all the lines. I am not a fan of standing in line.

      Cinnabon is a serious downfall… must stay away from food courts. LOL!!!!

      Isn’t it interesting how our lives change over time? 🙂

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      1. My biggest weakness is Bubble Tea! The malls have good bubble tea places now so it’s hard to resist. Whenever I go to the mall I’m inclined to buy food or something to drink, mostly out of habit. Now I bring a water bottle or sparkling water from home if Ik I’m going to the mall.

        Matt D’Avella from YouTube offers helpful advice on how to break old habits by replacing them with new, healthier habits. This trick really does work.

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      2. I love Matt D’Avella’s videos! 🌟
        And I’ve never had bubble tea… I don’t even know what it is, LOL!!

        There is no mall where I live now. I think that’s been a good thing in general. Cinnabon is old habits replaced by small town seclusion. 😂🤣😂

        But seriously, bubble tea? I need to look that up.

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      3. Bubble tea is an Asian drink made of tapioca pearls (boba), milk, tea, and flavorings. The “bubble” part comes from shaking the tea (usually with ice) even though ppl seem to think Bubble means the black, chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom of the drink. I love how there are so many flavours to choose from and they come with these fat straws for the boba. Been drinking bubble tea before it became popular in North America. I can’t seem to get enough of bubble tea so I have resorted to making it myself. It’s not as good as store bought but at least it’s much healthier! Google search “bubble tea” and you’ll be amazed. 😋💕

        Btw, Cinnabon is delicious and fills the malls with this deliciously sweet, aromatic cinnamon. I’ve only eaten Cinnabons a handful of times. There used to be Cinnabon cereal you could buy from Costco (warehouse here) and I was fortunate enough to try the cereal. Have you tried it?

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      4. I googled and bubble tea looks like something I may have to try. I even found a coffee shop here that makes it. 😃

        I didn’t know about the cereal. That would be yummy, and sugary…. and probably addicting!

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      5. Surprisingly the Cinnabon cereal wasn’t as sweet as Cinnamon Toast Crunch from what I remember as a kid. That’s awesome that you were able to find a place that makes bubble tea! 😀 Ppl seem to either love or hate tapioca pearls, there’s no in-between lol

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