Turn My Eyes

There are a lot of places in the Bible where we are told to concentrate on what really matters.  In other words, stop focusing on what is only momentary and focus on what will last.

I find those passages to be incredibly encouraging in my pursuit of minimalism.



Psalm 119 is full of wisdom that teaches us to pursue the Lord, walk in His commands, and find happiness in Him rather than in money (things, stuff, junk, etc…).


Give me an eagerness for your laws
rather than a love for money!
Turn my eyes from worthless things,
and give me life through your word.
Psalm 119:36-37


For the Christian believer, seeking God over the things of the world really places minimalism in a different light.  It gives that extra added value to a life lived with less.  That value is one of hope for an eternity filled with so much more than this world could ever offer.

For me, it reminds me that my purpose here on earth is so much greater than the accumulation of things.  My purpose is to glorify Him through what I do.

I hope that you can see that in my minimalist journey.

I really believe that Christ preached this message to us.  And more and more, through my daily Bible reading, I see that confirmed.  Life is meant to add value, but not through the possession of material goods.  Yes, we need some things in life.  And, yes, it is ok to have some of those fun wants.  But overall, we are to turn our eyes to Him, love Him, seek Him… that is where our true wealth is.

2 thoughts on “Turn My Eyes

  1. I completely agree. I think it is about using our spiritual gifts in service to Him. Spiritual gifts are not always material goods, many times they are talents that we can use to show love.

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