And You Buy it Anyway

*This post is a follow up to my previous post, All the Bright and Shiny Things.  I recommend going back and reading that post before continuing on with this one.

I am human.

We are all human.

And I have not yet arrived in this thing called minimalism.

I do try.  A lot.  My house reflects my efforts to downsize, declutter, simplify, and find a more peaceful existence.  But, again, I am human.

I have things I like.

I have interests.

And I have hobbies that give me joy.



I ended my previous post by telling you that I deleted the email with the coupon.  That I had chosen to live a different way.

And I did.

And I have.

But I got another email (oh, those clever marketers!) with the same coupon code.  And I took another look at the product.

I looked at it off and on for hours.

I went for a walk and thought about what I would do with the product.

Readers, it isn’t some overly expensive gadget I’m talking about.  I’m talking about a planner.  I love planners and stationary and journals and all that stuff, but I have decluttered the vast majority of it from my life.

And I miss some of it.

I miss the fun I would have just sitting down on a Sunday evening and designing my weekly layout and planning what I want to accomplish.

And, yes, I already have a planner.  But this particular one that the coupon code was for is one that would be used for the more fun, whimsical, hobby side of it all.  The other one is the serious, planning out our homeschool day, everything important one.

So I thought about it, and I decided that I would make good use of the item.  I would enjoy myself.  I would be creative.  I would relax doing something I enjoy.  And I could also use it to help me plan out some future online stuff that I hope to accomplish (more on that at another time).

Bottom line… after a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of thought, I spent some money and bought the thing.  I bought the “bright and shiny thing” and the little extras that I wanted to go with it.

So maybe that makes my last post a little hypocritical.  And that is why I decided to do this follow up… because chances are I will share my new planner over on my Instagram at some point… and I want to be real with you all.

I am human.

I like to enjoy life.  I like to smile.  I like my hobby and I miss it.

Yes, planning can be a hobby.  It is a functional hobby.  Basically, it’s decorative planning, but it has a purpose behind it…

And you know what?  It’s ok to be human and make purchases of things that you really do want.

Minimalism isn’t meant to be deprivation!

I feel ok with my purchase, and my change of mind, because I put a lot of thought into it.  I didn’t just purchase the item on a whim.  I really considered it.  I determined that I will use it to its fullest.  I realized that I will get value out of it.  And the planner will last me well over a year, which is a very good return on what truly is a small investment.

I bought the thing… and I’m still a minimalist.

2 thoughts on “And You Buy it Anyway

  1. It doesn’t make you hypocritical of having something that brings you joy. If anything, the internal struggle you have over whether you should have something that clearly brings you joy makes you a bit HYPER-critical of yourself and whether it is wrong (of you) to have something material that brings you joy and pleasure.

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