Still Living Life on My Terms

It’s been a while since I updated you on my great 2019 Sugar Detox, so I thought should get to it.  For starters, I am not completely sugar-free.  I don’t think that’s at all realistic for the world I live in.  But I have managed to significantly cut down on my sugar intake, and that is what I wanted.



Updating Progress

I haven’t given up all sugar.  But there is a whole lot less of it in my life.  I’m really proud of the healthier choices I’ve been making.  I’m proud of the ability to pass on certain foods.  And I am so happy with the way I feel internally when not consuming so much excess sugar.

I haven’t dropped any significant weight, but I do feel better… and that is the whole point.  I want to be healthier.  I don’t believe I will ever again be as thin as I was in my twenties, but I can be healthier.


Being Realistic

When I first started the detox, I felt like I would get rid of all excess sugar in my life.  I soon realized that I needed that little bit of creamer in my coffee, and my creamer does have some sugar in it.  I also decided that natural sugars (like fruits) are not something I want to give up.

It became very clear to me that a complete sugar detox was not going to happen.  I would cut it down, but I would not be able to completely cut it out.  I mean seriously, any trip to the grocery store where you actually read the labels of what you are buying will show you just how difficult it is to cut sugar out completely.

So, in an effort to be realistic, I decided to just do my best in cutting things down.


Living Life on My Terms

Cutting down sugar can mean all sorts of things depending on who you are talking to.  For me, it means no longer snacking on cookies and cakes.  It means not grabbing a candy bar to satisfy hunger.  It means not having dessert every night of the week.

But it also means that I am not depriving myself.

I’ve discovered that if I deprive myself of something, then that something is exactly what I will want… and what I will eventually end up binging.  Yep, if I say no to sugar at all costs, I will binge all the sugary things.  I know that because I’ve done that.

So I give myself two treats each week.  I have an ice cream night with my husband, and I have whatever my mom creates for dessert during our weekly family dinners.

I know, it’s not a true detox.  But it is as close as I can get at this season in my life.  And let me tell you, it isn’t easy.  Just last week, my husband brought home a boatload of candy because “it was on clearance” at the store.  *sigh*

My husband is not trying to detox sugar.  He is living his life on his terms.  And that is ok, because I am doing exactly the same – living my life on my terms.  We share a home, we coexist, and we each have to be ok with what the other does.  He is ok with my attempted detox, and I am ok with his desire to eat whatever he wants.

That’s life.

And so, I will continue on.  I’ll keep making better choices and enjoying my sugar in moderation.  It could be considered a fail, but I don’t see it that way.  I see this as a success because I’ve learned how to manage my desires and mix them in with a healthier lifestyle.

9 thoughts on “Still Living Life on My Terms

  1. Wow, sugar detox is hard. I know because everything has sugar – fruits, bread, rice. Even our healthy choices ave sugar. Good job for doing the semi sugar detox and being consistent 🙂 i ate a lot of sugar cause we asian eata a lot of rice, but mostly that’s our sugar and fruits 🙂 🙂 eventually you will lose weight. That happen to me when I did not eat sweets or drink juice for a month.

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    1. Thank you for reading! 💕 I do hope eventually some weight comes off, but I won’t quit trying to be healthier either way. Oh my, I do love rice. I know it has sugar as well, so I hear you on that. 😃

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  2. Also, with fruit, you should make sure you understand the NET sugar (or carbs). Take the amount of carbs (sugar) from that piece of fruit and SUBTRACT the amount of fiber from it.

    You’re doing great. And it’s important to be realistic. Realistic changes are more likely to stick.

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  3. You’re right. I don’t think we should fully deprive ourselves of things because then we want what we can’t have. Having a little bit is an easier way to instill long term change.

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