A Tolerable Planet

I’ve never really joined in the whole save the planet movement.  I’m not a zero waste minimalist.  But the more I embrace this minimalism journey, the more I realize just how much our choices do affect the earth.  I don’t actually believe that humans can “save the planet” from anything, but I do believe that God wants us to be good stewards of what He supplies – and that includes the planet.



When I look out on what God has created, I can’t help but think that we need to care for it.



It really makes me think that to be given such an amazing gift and not take care for it is just like spitting in His face.  It’s like throwing a birthday present into the trash right in front of the gift giver.  No one would do that, yet so many mistreat the earth.

As I stood on the mountain, taking these pictures of the earth below, I started to really understand the zero waste people a little better.  I also started to understand the environmentalists a little better.  I know my one moment of clarity on all of this doesn’t really change anything in the world, but imagine if everyone had that one moment and just did one thing to make a difference… what a change that would be!

5 thoughts on “A Tolerable Planet

  1. oh this is really gorgeous. Do you live in this place? What a beautiful gift from God. I am very sad that we are the ones causing this Climate Change, and we don’t know up to when this beautiful nature will stay.

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