God’s Confetti

I absolutely love butterflies.  I always have.  Recently, there was a guy on Jeopardy! who said he was terrified of them.  He has lepidopterophobia – the fear of butterflies and moths.  It kind of made me laugh when he said it, but I really shouldn’t judge.  People fear all kinds of things.  Poor fellow…

I, on the other hand, adore butterflies so much that I have them tattooed on my body.



Continuing on with my photos from the Bighorn Mountains, I’d like to share a couple that I took of the butterflies.  The whole mountainside was dotted with these beautiful blue creatures, and every once in a while one would stop and pose for me.



When I see butterflies, I see possibilities.  I think about things that can be.  I think about struggles and overcoming them.  I think of hope despite the circumstances being so difficult.

Do you like butterflies?

5 thoughts on “God’s Confetti

  1. I love butterflies. A women’s retreat that I once attended used the blue butterfly as a symbol with the theme something similar to “he makes all things new”. I still have a notecard with the butterfly on it where we chose a verse for the weekend. I chose Ephesians 1:11 along with still owning a bookmark from that weekend with Romans 8:28 printed on it. 🙂

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