The Mins Game Challenge

I’ve decided to join in on a challenge for the month of July.  This challenge was mentioned on Twitter by the Minimalists.  It’s called the Mins Game.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  The idea is pretty simple.  For thirty days, you declutter the amount of items that correspond with the day.  In other words, on day one you let go of one item, day two is two items, day three is three items, and so on…



I really think this challenge is a great way to get a good summer declutter going.  It provides a bit of a framework.  There is no need to empty entire rooms or closets.  You simply pick out items based on the day of the month.

For day one, I chose to remove a book.  Only, let me be honest… that one book was part of a series of six books.  As I grabbed the one, I decided that the entire series needed to go.  In my mind, I saw the series as one whole unit.  So I decluttered a book series.

I only read one of the books.  But I have no intention of reading any of the other ones.  I bought the series thinking that I would read it all, and I soon found myself incredibly bored by it.  I had to force my way through the first book.

Why put myself through more of that torture?

If you don’t like something, it is ok to let it go.  Yes, I paid for the books.  But letting them go to someone who will actually read them is far better than letting them sit on a shelf, collecting dust, for years on end.

I don’t know what I’ll declutter tomorrow, but I plan to keep you updated as I go through this process.

Would you like to join in on the Mins Game with me?  If so, leave a comment and let me know.

6 thoughts on “The Mins Game Challenge

  1. I have heard of this decluttering challenge and think it’s a great one! I’ve been doing a fair amount of purging so I’m not sure I’ll join in. However, I do like a good challenge so I may find myself drawn in. 😉

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    1. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the month progresses. Hoping I can get my husband to participate with the garage (that’s his area). I’ll be updating every few days or so with progress. I’m writing down everything I declutter. I’ve found through Twitter that there is a whole community of people participating. It’s fun! 😃

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  2. I love the Minimalists (their Podcast and their Insta Stories). l’ve joined in this game on a previous occasion. I’m always overwhelmed by paper clutter – incoming mail, old receipts etc. – So decided to concentrate on that. At the beginning of the month I felt silly just throwing away one receipt but by the end of the month all the simple paperwork had been thrown away so, to throw away 30 things, I was forced to make decisions on more important paperwork. It was great fun, really worked and lightened my load a great deal. Good luck with your month… you have inspired me to give the game another go too!!

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    1. Paper clutter is a constant battle, for sure. After all, it is always coming into our lives. Just before we moved to Wyoming, a little over two years ago, we set up a fire pit in the backyard and burned a bunch of paper clutter. And more recently, I spent an entire day shredding old papers. I can definitely see the benefit of concentrating the Mins Game on paper. I hope you’re able to declutter more for yourself. It really is a freeing thing. Good luck to you as well! 😃

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