It’s Just Stuff – Mins Game Update

I’m seven days into the Mins Game, and things are going pretty well.  I’ve surprised myself with the amount of stuff still left to let go of in my life.  It almost never ends!  And, my husband has surprised me in this challenge.  More on that in a minute.



Before I go into just what I did this week, I want to talk about the idea that we need so many things.  It is an idea placed on us by society.  It isn’t a truth.  We don’t need the vast majority of what we hang on to.  So many times, I hear people saying “but what about this” or “what about that”…  Their worries have nothing to do with me or how I actually want to live my life.  Their worries are almost always superficially based.  It’s like people have been told for years and years that they are supposed to live a certain way, and if you go against that then something must be drastically wrong with you.

But who says I have to live that certain way?

Just because television and social media and advertising say I need certain things, that doesn’t necessarily make it true.

Letting go of things is ok.  It’s just stuff.  It doesn’t define me as a person.  If there are things I don’t use, don’t want, and/or don’t care about, then I may as well move them away from my life.  By subtracting them, I actually add space to my life for what matters – and that is a win!


The First Week

The Mins Game started on Monday, and I already told you about Day One when I let go of a series of books.  You can read more about that HERE.

On Day Two, I let go of a tote bag that had been folded up and placed in a drawer for the past two years. It never got used.  I also let go of another book.

On Day Three, I found myself getting rid of two coffee mugs and one shaker cup (the kind for protein shakes).

When Day Four rolled around, I let go of two cookbooks.  These books sat in my kitchen for years reminding me of who I wasn’t and making me feel like a failure.  I don’t need that sort of negativity to hound my inner dialogue.  I also threw out two smelly, old towels.

For Day Five, I offloaded an old battery, a game map (for a video game I don’t actually play), an old employee handbook, a stack of user manuals that don’t get used (ironic), and a notebook.

For Day Six, I let go of two old window curtains, two pens that I never use, and two more books (there are always so many books!).

And, finally, for Day Seven, I tossed some items related to the fantasy version of me.  You see, I am not a person who wears makeup, gets done up, or anything like that really.  So I threw out one lipstick and two lip glosses.  These items were purchased in an attempt to try being a new me… a different me… but I didn’t like that.  I like who I am the way I am.  I also got rid of two pajama bottoms, one swim top, and one swim bottom.  I haven’t been swimming in over three years… Why did I keep the swim stuff?  Who knows!

As this challenge goes on, I think it will be interesting to see where my mind takes me.  I know there is still a ton that can go, but I also know that the societal pressures to hang on to things will be difficult to resist.  But I will do my best because every time I say goodbye to something, I just feel more peaceful.


My Non-Minimalist Husband

When I started the Mins Game, I told my husband what I was doing.  As I’ve mentioned many times before, he is not a minimalist.  But I did tell him that I thought this would be a perfect way for him to declutter the garage (his space – I stay away from that area).  I explained how it works and told him how I felt this would be a benefit because it is not overwhelming.

I honestly thought he was going to blow me off.  But… to my great surprise, he didn’t!  He has participated every day so far!  I don’t think he will ever be a true minimalist, but he is decluttering like a boss right now, and I am ever so proud of his progress.


Are you participating in the Mins Game?  If so, how is it going?

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