What Else is There? – Mins Game Update

It’s day thirteen of the Mins Game, and definitely time for another update.  I’m completely blown away by how much stuff I’ve been able to declutter, and have begun to ask myself a very important question that we will discuss towards the end of the post.



The first thing I’ll do is give you the breakdown of what I let go of this week.  There is technically one more day in this second week, but I have time to post now so I’m getting that done.  Tomorrow is meant to be a family fun day – exciting!


The Second Week

The number of items decluttered increased exponentially this week, but I still found a lot to get rid of.

On Day Eight, I ditched an old catalog and seven homeschooling books that we no longer need.  Yes, we are still homeschooling, but I don’t believe in holding on to everything once my kids have aged out of it or mastered the skill.

On Day Nine, I let go of two stickers, two coupons, two old calendar pages, a paper stack, an old postcard, and one small cloth bag.

For Day Ten, I moved into the kitchen.  I got rid of one wooden spoon, five random containers, and five random lids.  That was actually eleven items, so I consider that a bonus!

On Day Eleven, I was still in the kicthen.  I let go of a Pyrex dish cover…  It no longer had a dish to go with it as I had dropped it the night before.  It shattered.  Everywhere.  *sigh*  I also got rid of another cloth bag, an old journal cover, a sun tea jar, another stack of paper, a small measuring cup, two straws, and four measuring spoons.  If you’re counting, that was actually twelve items.

For Day Twelve, I went back through the homeschooling stuff and decluttered an old children’s dictionary that my kids are no longer in need of, nine more homeschooling books, a small poster, and an old visual/social story that my son once used (it is a technique to help a child with autism).

And today, Day Thirteen, I let go of six more books.  Yes, six more!  The books never seem to end.  It is truly incredible.  I also threw away an old t-shirt that had holes in it.  Why was I keeping that?  And I let go of six curtain panels.  I just replaced those curtains with more energy efficient curtains that are blackout and are supposed to help with the heating and cooling of the area.  I’m pretty excited about the new curtains.  Technically, I just did a swap, but there was a time when I would have stored the old curtain panels.  I’m no longer that person.  Why store what you no longer want, need, or even enjoy?


What Else is There?

If you add up everything I’ve decluttered so far during the Mins Game, it comes to a whopping ninety-three items.  That’s a nine with a three attached!  That’s a lot of items!

While I do feel there are still some things that I need to go through, I found myself wondering what else there possibly could be to let go of.  That’s an important place to be.  I’ve been on this minimalism journey for quite some time now.  I’ve let go of a lot of stuff, discovered items that truly mean something to me, learned how to tell the difference between wants and needs, discovered reasons behind my wants and ways to determine if I really will gain value from an item… It’s been a huge learning experience, and also a life changing one.  I can’t see myself going back to how I once was.

I like life better with less.

So, I think the question of “What else is there?” is a moment in time that I need to mark.  I’m coming up on the point where I’m going to have finally decluttered all I want to declutter.  The house will be just as I want it.  The space will ooze simplicity and peace.  It’s coming soon, and it’s such a good feeling!


My Non-Minimalist Husband

My husband is still going strong in the garage.  He has amazed me.  He took this “game” and set out to win.  He has done every day, getting rid of an equal amount of his garage items to my house items.  I’m so proud of him for really looking at what he actually needs and uses.  I hope that once we are done with the Mins Game, he is able to keep the garage at this new, more manageable, level of tidiness.


How have you be progressing with the Mins Game?  If you are not currently participating, do you think this is something you would like to try in the future?  I’d love to hear from you!

14 thoughts on “What Else is There? – Mins Game Update

  1. This is a good idea in the way to declutter and I know this way of doing seems to help people better.

    Over the years, I have decluttered a lot and I am at the stage of the last two year of just keeping it at the new acceptable level. Anything I consider to buy, which is rare, makes me ask do I really want it? And I will debate that for two months before deciding. If at any point I don’t think about it, I don’t buy, because I obviously did not want it
    Anything I don’t need, I am aware more straight away and I move it to a bag, reading for charity when it’s full. This is usually just DVD’s I find that go to charity shops now. I buy second hand and if I don’t plan to watch again, I give to charity, or sometimes a friend.

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    1. It really is a motivating way to do the decluttering, for sure! I’d never done the Mins Game until this month. I think I like it. 😃

      I am a person that will debate purchases for a while as well. Sometimes, people misinterpret that as me being down on myself. Like I’m punishing myself by putting in extra thought. Have you ever run into that sort of thing?

      Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it! 💕

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      1. No one has ever thought I am punishing myself for putting extra thought into the purchase for a while. I have had people that understand where I am coming from.

        All those years ago, when I first decided to have a mass declutter, I found it so refreshing. I think that’s the feeling that has kept me to keeping at the level I want to keep it at.

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      2. That is good that people have really understood. I have had everything from the punishing myself to someone saying it sounded like I found a new religion. LOL! I just keep moving forward, though. 😃 I’ve found an inner peace through minimizing.

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      3. Yes, there is definitely an inner peace to it, when minimizing.

        The only thing I got in the first two years of minimizing was a joking comment, “do you have anything left?”

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      4. When I did the mins game last month, I definitely noticed the effect it had on my view towards purchases and whether they were really necessary or not. It has carried on after the challenge finished too, I am finding it much easier to read a book and then get it in the charity shop pile straight away! Keep up the good work!

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  2. I’m at the stage where I’m getting rid of sentimental items that I’m not using, like old iPods, laptops, games etc.. It’s not an easy task but I always feel better when I make the sale. I’m still selling my items but the pace has slowed down quite a bit since I started. I’ve managed to sell 80% of the items that I posted so I’m happy with that. We have also started a new donation pile and have already filled a laundry basket with more items to donate.

    My non-minimalist husband has still continued to buy a lot of toys for our toddler. It keeps accumulating and I’m so tempted to throw a bunch of things away. Her toys are littering the floor right now which annoys me.

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    1. That is so fantastic that you were able to sell so many of the items you’ve decluttered! It definitely helps to get something in return for those things like iPods or games that meant so much. It’s so hard when we are doing it on our own… I feel very lucky that my husband agreed to the Mins Game. I know how you feel with the toys. I’ve been there, and it’s hard. But you know, of course, that your hubby loves your daughter… it may be part of his way of showing the love. I’m sure he sees what you do. Eventually, he may come onboard with minimizing. 💕

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      1. It gives me relief knowing that someone is willing to pay for these items that meant so much to me. If I were to donate these sentimental things, there’s a good chance they’d end up unwanted (or in the dumpster). Also, knowing that someone is going to use these items is my way of letting them go. It’s better that these items are being used rather than having them sit in my closest unused. I have a rule where I won’t buy used items no matter how tempting the offer is. My husband however, will buy used items which doesn’t help with the decluttering process. It’s a 2 steps forward, one step back process.

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