A Little About Me

Hi, and welcome to my blog.  My name is Rebecca.

I’m happy you took a few minutes to click over and read about me.

I’ve been blogging off and on in one way or another since 2004.  I guess that makes me a veteran blogger, so to speak.  I started way back when the “mommy blogging” fad was in full swing.  That was an adventure.  I made many friends along the way, and I learned quite a bit about myself – including how much I enjoy writing and sharing my life with others.

Those mommy blogging days have long since passed, and I find myself more interested now in sharing who I am rather than who my kids are.  Oh, I still mention them from time to time, but this blog is more about me.

My reason for deciding to start this particular blog was to create a place to talk about my journey in life and how minimalism is shaping it.  I named the blog Minimalism My Way because minimalism is not a one size fits all lifestyle choice.

For each person, minimalism is going to have its own unique look and feel.

Not every person is going to be living out of a backpack and traveling the world.  And not every person is going to have a house with blank walls and empty shelves.

My own unique minimalist life is shaped to fit the needs of my family.  My husband is not a minimalist, and while he has supported me in how I like to live, he most definitely does not take minimalism as seriously as I do.  I also have those kids that I mentioned earlier.  There are two of them, and we homeschool.  And since we homeschool, we are here all the time – our house is very much lived in.

It’s my hope that I can share not only how I came to be a minimalist, but how I make it work for me and how I deal with any challenges that are presented.  I hope to share my thought process behind it all and maybe even some ideas on how you can make minimalism work in your own life.

As for the more personal about me stuff, well, you already know that I’m married and have kids.  I’m also a college graduate, an avid reader, a coffee and tea enthusiast, and I like to play video games.  I don’t much enjoy cooking, but I try my hardest to feed my family well.  I dream of visiting England one day.  And, probably the most important thing about me, I love Jesus.